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Always want safe and good water for healthy life

A human body requires The Bio Water for different reasons and this is where you need to drink more water. Water allows you to detox your body

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It protects your tissues, spinal cord, and joints

The Bio Water consumption helps lubricate and cushion your joints, spinal cord, and tissues. This will help you enjoy physical activity

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Take care of the health of your skin and hair.

The Bio Water helps to hydrate and increase their elasticity, making them look healthy and fresh. In addition, it works as a detoxifier and blood cleanser

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Drink Bio, Because a Healthy Life

A healthful diet typically includes nutrient-dense foods from all major food groups, including lean proteins

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About The Bio Water

The Bio Water accelerates the process of nutrient delivery into the cells and speeds up the waste extraction process of all living things which promotes faster healing and an overall healthy being.


Water is necessary for our body because it used in all organs, cells, and tissues to assist its temperature and regulate other body functioning. Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, the ph (potential of Hydrogen) is neutral, around ph7. Gaseous substances and other chemicals can modify this to more acidic or alkaline. Water can have high or low ph value but if it is too low or too high it can produce adverse effects on our body. We need a proper solution to this problem. The Bio Water is an alkaline water concentrate having ph value of 11.8. The Bio Water is healthy for the body due to containing high dissolved oxygen and electrolytes.


The Bio Water has balanced alkaline required for perfect detoxing for the body with boosting the immunity system naturally. Bioliquors is manufacturing unique energized The Bio Water with an amazing health benefit. This water is very beneficial to overcome various kinds of human diseases like deficiency of vitamins and minerals with no negative effect.

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Why Choose Us ?

In this section you will find information about your drinking water, including reservoir levels, water restrictions and how how we treat your The Bio Water.


10 years

Biotech Industries was one of the first companies to introduce Antioxidants, The Bio Water, Bio Club Soda rich products to India.


Large customer base

Over 100 OEM customers and export to 7 countries and 21 states.


Drinking water

Western Water supplied customers with 16,478 million litres of drinking water through 2191 km of water mains in 2020/21.


Researched, Tested and Developed

All our products have been thoroughly Researched, Tested & Developed. More than 35 certificates.

Water Delivery 20 k.m. Free Service

For all kind of appointment of Super Distributorship, State wise,District-wise,
Citywise throughout India with VERY ATTRACTIVE schemes are also
available. Please contact immediately.

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Our Exhort Happy Clients say !

If your body thrives in an The Bio Water environment, it is able to detoxify more effectively than in an acidic environment.

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