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Bio Club Soda

Welcome To Bio Club Soda

Bio Club Soda is produced with the help of unflavored carbonated water. It is similar to seltzer water, but it has additional CO2 with various minerals like sodium citrate, disodium phosphate, sodium chloride. It is manufactured with The Bio Water for adding many health benefits. Drinking Bio Club Soda is help you to lose weight effectively. If you take this 30 minute before meal then it will assist you to feel full for longer period, this maintain your carvings. People think that Seltzer or Seltzer water is same as Bio Club soda but it is wrong. Seltzer water is just carbonated water which has no other minerals or other ingredients have been added, it contains only water and carbon dioxide. Bio Club Soda is carbonated water which has potassium salts and sodium salts. This club soda is refreshing beverage and good option of sugary soft drinks.

We used soft spring water, bicarbonate of soda and increased level of carbonation to manufactured a fabulous Bio Club Soda. It improves the textures of flavors of the finest whiskies. Bio Club Soda has a silky-smooth taste developed by using the finest spring water and regulate level of carbonation.

What are the key ingredients of Bio Club Soda?

This is simplest product. It has no harmful components or any chemical substances. After our The Bio Water is carbonated with plenty of very fine bubbles, we add bicarbonates of soda which provides minerality that enhance naturally occurring flavors in Bio Club Soda. This club soda is free from gluten, wheat and treenut.

Some time we confused between sparkling water, seltzer and carbonated water. Actually, these are other names of club soda. Individual types of club soda have some diversity in composition but all forms share the same basic ingredients. Water injected with carbon dioxide gas are the main composition in Bio Club Soda.

What are the health benefits of Bio Club Soda?

We have discussed various aspects of Bio Club soda, now let’s put some light on advantages of this:

  • Digestion Benefit: Bio Club Soda benefit your digestive health in several ways. It improves your swallowing ability as compare to normal water. It can provide you relief from germs in throat.
  • Bone Health: Many people have perception that carbonated beverages are not good for bones because of their high acidic nature. However, research shows that Bio Club soda does not have any side effect on health. It is true that cola drink contains a lot of phosphorus and insufficient calcium which may cause potential risk of bone loss. No negative effects on bone were observed under human trial of Bio Club Soda. It helps you to increase leg bone strength as compare to tap water.
  • Heart Benefit: Bio Club Soda may improve your heart health, although the evidence is very limited. If you regular use Bio Club Soda or Sodium rich carbonated water, it will reduce down LDL (bad cholesterol), inflammatory markers and maintain your blood sugar. It also increases your HDL (good cholesterol) and low down the estimated risk of heart disease in upcoming 10 years.

These are the advantages of Bio club soda now choices is yours, we suggest you to include this product in your daily routine to get health benefit.

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