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Water is necessary for our body because it used in all organs, cells, and tissues to assist its temperature and regulate other body functioning. Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, the ph (potential of Hydrogen) is neutral, around ph7. Gaseous substances and other chemicals can modify this to more acidic or alkaline. Water can have high or low ph value but if it is too low or too high it can produce adverse effects on our body. We need a proper solution to this problem. The Bio Water is an alkaline water concentrate having ph value of 11.8. The Bio Water is healthy for the body due to containing high dissolved oxygen and electrolytes.

The Bio Water has balanced alkaline required for perfect detoxing for the body with boosting the immunity system naturally. Bioliquors is manufacturing unique energized The Bio Water with an amazing health benefit. This water is very beneficial to overcome various kinds of human diseases like deficiency of vitamins and minerals with no negative effect. Sometimes our home RO produces more alkaline water which has a bitter taste and may corrode metals. Bottled and tap water which we drink have ph 7 or more, but The Bio Water has an acidic range between 9.2 pHs to 10.2 which is a healthy level for our body structure. The Bio Water works as a carrier of vitamins & nutrients to the cells and break down these minerals into very small particles, electrically charges those particles for passing through to the body’s inner structure. It has natural electrolytes for more energy and a superb feeling of health.

The Bio Water is sometimes also known as alkaline water. Drinking The Bio Water offers more health wellbeing than normal water. It helps our body to slow down the aging process and maintain the ph levels of the body to prevent various kinds of chronic diseases. This water can help to neutralize acid level in our body which normal water cannot do.

Scientific functioning behind The Bio Water

The Bio Water does not disperse with time, it is tested in the laboratory under the guidance of health experts to maintain its optimum ph balance unrevealed technique which stabilizes your ph naturally. This water has a special feature which oxygenates the water and will hold the oxygenation for many months after diluting from one oz to a gallon of water. It has a wetter property that effectively hydrates the body. Normal water has approx. 73-74 dynes but The Bio Water has reduced surface tension of 61 dynes which is good for health.

So now you already read about The Bio Water, let’s discuss what the core benefits of this to our body are:

  • Detox impetus: We are living a highly stressful life with unhealthy food which causes to build up toxins and acid which is not good for digestion. Thus The Bio Water is one of the best methods to overcome this problem. Regularly consuming this water can beneficial to our body structure in many ways.
  • Antioxidant Virtue: One of the most important properties of The Bio Water is having a good portion of antioxidants within it. This can protect our immunity system form free radical molecules that are highly reactive and uncharged.
  • Hydration Effects: We know that hydration is necessary for our life to hydrate and rejuvenate the body effectively. The atom within The Bio Water is much simple to absorb which assists our body to reenergize cells and provide a feeling of freshness.
  • Boosting the Immunity System: The Bio Water helps us to improve our immune system which protects the body from combating illness. We can assure you that your overall health can be upgraded with the consumption of this water.
  • Maintaining the body’s ph value: We have been read that our body’s acidic level can be increased due to unhealthy food. Smoke or pollution and stressful environment can also uplift our ph level. Regulating the body’s ph is necessary to keep disease such as cancer away.

So why are you waiting, order now The Bio Water to get health benefits with the energetic body.

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